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(Українська) Усе, що потрібно знати про участь у програмі U4U ураїнцям
What are the IT trends in the UAE? Where is the economy heading and what are the benefits of business.
To increase the labor culture and encourage them to join the Diia.City, IT specialists had their tax rates lowered; among them, they will pay
If your company and its activities meet the requirements of Diia.City, you have the right to choose between two corporate taxes.
Additional taxation of advertisers and users in Ukraine. Facebook, Netflix, Upwork and other platforms are among those covered by the Google Tax Act. What's next?
But do electronic and mobile residency really work in the world, or was it only a nice PR campaign in some countries?
When you hear the term "Withholding tax," you often find a description — tax at source. But what does it mean, in a language that everyone understands?
The UAE is globally known for its tax system, the minimum tax burden on individuals and legal entities. At the same time, this jurisdiction is absolutely legal and quite prestigious for doing business,
Let's start with the important stuff. VAT is used in 137 countries worldwide, but in the U.S. and Japan, there is no such thing as VAT: "value-added tax" does not exist.
What is the VAT in European countries? Its features and is VAT applied to IT services?
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