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For many types of business (especially marketplaces, SAAS-products), some issues related to the collecting of VAT in different countries are relevant


VAT – what do entrepreneurs care about?


  • How collect taxes from customers?
  • How and where to pay them?
  • What tax rate to apply depending on the country?
  • And how and where to file reports?


In the US, VAT does not exist at all, but at each state level, a separate Sales Tax is set, which is analogous to VAT.

For companies located in the EU, VAT is levied on most sales and purchases of goods within the EU or the supply of electronic services. In such cases, VAT is levied in the EU country where the end consumer consumes the goods/services.

VAT in EU. What is it? How it calculated?

What the VAT-consultation service includes

  • tax analysis of the company’s activities and advice on VAT collecting in different countries
  • choosing a software solution for the website for tracking the buyers’ residence country
  • setting up information exchange and accounting support


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