Office arrangements
for it companies

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The team of Finevolution experts will undertake a full cycle of turnkey office arrangements for IT companies

The services we offer:

  • Search for a suitable office (options are generated subject to the client’s request: location, surface, office infrastructure, road junction, cost per square meter, or rent)
  • Legal advice on lease/purchase agreements
  • Accounting support of office life on a permanent or partial basis
  • Tax advice
  • Work with government agencies (access legalization, regulatory documents, technical regulation, etc.)
  • Comprehensive consultation at the stage of formation of the staff pool
  • Settlement (creation of employment agreements and contracts) with developers, designers, managers, director and other employees from key departments, etc.

Each stage is carefully negotiated with the customer and taken under the control of the company’s CEO.
We guarantee the fulfillment of the articulated agreements with high quality and on time.

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