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It’s time to get out of darkness – register TOV (LLC) for your business


When it is time to enter a serious market, when a foreign client wants to conclude an agreement with you – it’s time to reach a new level of your business activity.

If it is important for you to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue of registering TOV and preparing all the necessary documents, we recommend that you contact a specialist for help.

What is included in the service of TOV (LLC) registration for Ukrainian residents

  1. Free consultation on TOV registration;
  2. Consultation on the name and verification of the absence of such a name of TOVs in the Unified State Register;
  3. Selection of optimal KVED (types of economic activity), according to the planned activities of the TOV;
  4. Consultation on choosing the optimal tax system for the company;
  5. Development of a constituent document (charter indicating the powers of the governing bodies, competence, decision-making procedure, entry and withdrawal of members);
  6. Preparation of a full package of documents for registration of TOV (Minutes of Establishment, application for state registration of the establishment of a legal entity);
  7. Submission of a full package of documents for registration and state registration of TOV;
  8. TOV registration;
  9. Obtaining official documents of the TOV (Charter, Extract)

What documents should you get after registration?

  • Extract of the TOV registration;
  • Minutes of the TOV establishment;
  • Charter;
  • Summary of the TOV;
  • Order on appointment of the Chief Executive.


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