of TOV (LLC) for non-residents

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Ukraine attracts foreign entrepreneurs and companies more and more every year in terms of ease of starting a business


Our tax system is becoming more flexible and many entrepreneurs are increasingly interested in the opening TOV (LLC) in Ukraine.

If you are a non-resident of Ukraine and are interested in opening a TOV, although you do not want to spend a lot of time preparing all the necessary documents, we recommend that you contact a specialist for help.

What is included in the service of TOV (LLC) registration for Ukrainian non-residents

  1. Free consultation on TOV (LLC) registration;
  2. Consultation on the name and verification of the absence of such a name of TOVs in the Unified State Register;
  3. Selection of optimal KVED (types of economic activity), according to the planned activities of the TOV;
  4. Consultation on choosing the optimal tax system for the company;
  5. Development of a constituent document (charter indicating the powers of the governing bodies, competence, decision-making procedure, entry and withdrawal of members);
  6. Preparation of a full package of documents for registration of TOV (Minutes of Establishment, application for state registration of the establishment of a legal entity);
  7. Submission of a full package of documents for registration and state registration of TOV;
    TOV registration;
  8. Obtaining official documents of the TOV (Charter, Extract).

What documents should you get after the TOV (LLC) registration?

  • Extract of the TOV registration;
  • Minutes of the TOV establishment;
  • Charter;
  • Summary of the TOV;
  • Order on appointment of the Chief Executive.


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