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Properly documented employment relations in the company help avoid problems with the tax authorities and representatives of the State Labor Service. Every year more and more questions arise to the employment contracts, and the government wants to impose an additional block of taxes on the FOPs.

So what is the right way to organize the work of employees in an IT company with the least financial losses with the transformation of labor legislation gaining momentum.

What may be included in the service of regulation of employment relations:

  • Comprehensive consultation at the stage of formation of the staff pool
  • Tax advice: who pays and how much? What are the tax obligations of each party?
  • Settlement (creation of employment agreements and contracts) with developers, designers, managers, director and other employees from key departments.
  • Development of job descriptions, bargaining agreement, internal regulations, regulations on leave and pay, NDA, etc.
  • Opening of the FOP, integrated accounting of all employees of the company/division
  • Financial and legal training in the office


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