of FOP (sole entrepreneur)

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The easiest way for an entrepreneur to legitimize their relationship with the state is to get registered as FOP (Sole Entrepreneur)


In Ukraine, the opening of the FOP is fairly quickly, but it is very important to take into account the taxation group and be prepared for the fact that immersion in all the details will take quite a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, if it is important for you to resolve the issue of opening the FOP quickly and accurately, we recommend that you contact the experts.

What is included in the service of FOP (SE) registration

  1. Free consultation on FOP registration;
  2. Selection of optimal KVED (types of economic activity), according to the planned activities of the FOP;
  3. Consultation on choosing the optimal tax system for the entrepreneur;
  4. Preparation of a complete package of documents for FOP registration (Application for state registration of the creation of a Sole Entrepreneur; Application for registration of the income book; Request for a statement on a single tax);
  5. Submission of a full package of documents for registration and state registration of FOP;
  6. Obtaining official documents of FOP (an Extract);
  7. Registration of FOP as the single tax payer with tax authorities.


What documents should you get after registration?

  • Extract of the FOP registration;
  • Extract of the single tax payer (issued at the place of registration);
  • Book of income accounting (issued at the place of registration).


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