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Is Co-working mainstream now?


Due to increase in the number of freelancers and the rise in prices for standard rental/purchase of offices, the approach to the organization of the working space has changed.

And yes, co-working is comfortable, modern and a bit mainstream.

But, as with the organization of any office, you will have to run around in various authorities, prepare a lot of documents and, of course, deal with the financial and tax side of the issue.


The Finevolution team provides a full package of services for organizing co-working spaces:

  • Legal, financial and tax advice
  • Help in finding locations, checking technical documents
  • Development of a set of documents for the full-fledged work of co-working (taking into account the legal peculiarities of interaction between the subjects – participants)
  • Co-working accounting support: reporting, working with accounting documents, paying taxes, controlling payroll payments to employees, etc.
  • Legal support of co-working operation


Our experts will help you quickly and customize everything you need to launch co-working successfully as soon as possible.

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