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Do you need to open a representative office (substance) outside of Ukraine?

Are you interested in popular jurisdictions of Estonia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, or do you want to expand to less developed markets?

Whichever direction you choose, it is important to gather all the necessary information on the tax, labor and banking nuances of the country where the opening of the representative office is planned.

Elements of substance:

  • Documents confirming the office rent/purchase
  • Having staff, 1-2 employees would be enough
  • Actual wage payment (all through local banks), tax payment and tax reporting under local law
  • Some jurisdictions may require having a local manager and a local representative’s office/branch director

Key factors in choosing the jurisdiction of substance:

  • Detailed analysis of market conditions, real estate prices, average market wages, etc.
  • Transparent and understandable taxatio
  • Reliable banking system
  • Low percentage of bank charges
  •  Ability to work with payment systems
  • Flexible corporate legislation
  • No need to hire 100% local staff, etc


Finevolution specialists have been working with case studies on the preparation and opening of representative offices in various EU countries, America and Asia for years now.


We know the whole process from start to finish.

We will be happy to help you understand all the nuances, as well as quickly and efficiently prepare the entire process of arranging your company’s presence in the foreign market.

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