Are you going to legalize your business relationships and register a company? Congratulations!


The choice of the legal form of the future enterprise should be addressed comprehensively because each of them has both advantages and disadvantages. You can get acquainted with the possible legal forms of company registration in our blog.

Registration of IT companies has its specifics in each country.

Finevolution provides a full range of company registration services in:


  • Ukraine
  • US
  • EU (Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Switzerland, Malta, etc.)

What can be included in the range of services:

  • Initial consultation on the choice of legal form
  • Tax and financial advice
  • Opening a bank account (if necessary)
  • Trademark registration
  • Collection of all necessary documents for company registration
  • Work with state agencies, correspondence with foreign authorities
  • Subsequent accounting and legal support of the company (at the client’s choice)


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