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Our team helps with IT relocation to EU countries

  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Cyprus
  • Switzerland
  • United States (Delaware, Wyoming)

Recording of a webinar on the topic of IT relocation

What are the motives for IT business immigration?

  • The opportunity to officially pay fewer taxes
  • Tax deductions, lower interest rates, including on IP-boxes
  • Offshore zones now require economic substance (economic presence in the country of registration) BEPS
  • State support in the form of grants and privileges for R&D-business and startups
  • Developed venture capital and investment market
  • Facilitated access to new markets and motivated employees, as well as access to a broader pool of possible new employees
  • Legal opportunity to live in Europe, USA, or Asia

The most popular types of IT immigration abroad

  • Work visa — if you are going to relocate at the invitation of a resident company
  • Residence permit through business — if you decide to register a company and develop your business there
  • Immigration through investment in real estate — for example, to buy a villa in Spain


If you have decided to immigrate by opening a company/representative office, in most cases, the entrepreneur needs to submit a business plan to receive benefits from the state and a residence permit (residency): 

  • A business plan. Organize a real presence in the country
  • Justification of the main type of activity which brings profit to the business
  • Real business premises (office)
  • Real full-time employees with relevant qualifications
  • Contracts and economic connection with local businesses
  • Adequate operating costs to conduct the company’s relevant business activities


Do not forget that many countries have requirements to stay on their territory a fixed number of days — in most cases, over 183. So if you are looking for a country where you could get a residence permit with more attractive conditions, but not to live there and travel — you need to choose among the countries where there will be no such requirements for the number of days of stay. There are not many of them, but they exist.


Often in certain countries, there is an opportunity to relocate the owner of an IT business through special government programs aimed at attracting talents, minds, and progressive entrepreneurs. The most popular immigration request is in IT outsourcing, fintech startups, Mobile Performance Marketing companies, and businesses from related spheres.


So if you have a successful business in your home country, it will be an additional advantage when participating in similar programs in other EU countries.


If you want to move with your family, you need to consider the possibility and requirements for applicants for a residence permit for your spouse, children, and parents when choosing a country. 


One of the important points for the relocation is also a calculation of the tax burden on the entrepreneur because after obtaining a coveted residence permit of a prestigious country, you will receive an obligation to pay taxes for all income received under local laws. Many do not take this into account and, after relocation, are faced with a fairly large expenditure, which negates the other benefits of migration.

What is worth paying attention to in a desirable country?

  • Taxes on the income of an individual
  • The necessity to report and declare your income in other countries
  • Bank accounts in other countries
  • Social taxes, local deduction, etc. 


For example, moving to Spain, you may forget to declare your bank account in Switzerland and get a hefty fine.


Of course, you, as an entrepreneur, have to plan for the consequences of relocation for the business as well, since the tax burden on it may also change. And you need to clarify all the rules of the game for businesses in the country in advance to avoid unwanted consequences. 


If you are considering relocation through real estate, you need to analyze the tax burden on income from rental properties, as well as calculate the liquidity of investments, so as not to lose money by investing resources in regions in which it will be difficult to sell real estate in the future.


Our team will help you choose the most profitable option for IT entrepreneurs and business relocation and provide a range of services to support your business organization’s project abroad.

What IT business immigration services do we provide?

  • Initial consultation when choosing a jurisdiction to immigration
  • Tax consultations
  • Search for investment programs
  • Consultations on the choice of a legal form of the company
  • Preparation of company structure
  • Collection of all necessary documents for company registration
  • Working with state representations, correspondence with foreign authorities
  • Presentation of your interests at consulates (assistance in obtaining business visas, residency)
  • Financial and legal support of your business
  • Employees search through our HR partners 


We cooperate only with representatives of the IT sector. We do not provide separate services related to obtaining visas or business immigration through the opening of massage salons, service stations, etc., abroad!


You can get a detailed consultation and offers to open a company by writing to us through the form on the website or in Viber / Telegram. The situation with registration rules and taxes changes almost every day, so we update the information locally.

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