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Before submitting necessary documents to the bank, it is crucial to consult experts in financial and legal matters. After all, who wants someone else to know about their business more than needed?

Opening a bank account in a foreign jurisdiction is quite time-consuming and costly. After all, banks want to know and see many, and entrepreneurs have to collect a lot of different documents to open an account, spending more than one day on that.


Our experts are always ready to help with the full cycle of a bank account opening.

The jurisdictions we cooperate with:

Switzerland, Estonia, USA, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Georgia, Denmark

What the service of a bank account opening includes:

  • Consultation on the choice of jurisdiction with the most favorable bank rates, the level of trust – we select it individually for your business
  • Choosing the account currency (USD, EUR, GBP, etc.)
  • Preparation of documents from the client
  • Requesting additional documents and a letter of guarantee with information on bank solvency
  • Agreeing upon your company case for opening an account
  • Preparation for a meeting with the bank (if necessary)


Please note!


We only work with verified banks and regularly request confirmation documents from them. If you are offered to open an account quickly and within 1 day without unnecessary movements and checks, your money will surely be at risk, and the bank may be fake. We guarantee the quality of our services.

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