Outsourcing accounting and legal support are necessary if…

you have unresolved legal and accounting issues in your company, but it is inappropriate and costly to hire in-house specialists.


Advantages of the outsource professionals:

  • You will clearly understand how much work the specialist performs.
  • You will not pay for coffee and smoke breaks, as in the case with staff members.
  • You are the one who controls the desired number of hours and the required pool of tasks.
  • You pay for hours/tasks specified in the contract only.
  • 24/7 online communication with a specialist. Outsourcing professionals have no days off or holidays.
  • Guaranteed timely execution of all tasks.
  • We take all 100% risks for performance.

What can the services of an outsourcing accountant/lawyer include?

  • Keeping all financial documentation of an enterprise
  • Interaction with government bodies on tax, personnel and legal issues
  • Timely payment of all taxes and submission of reports to state authorities
  • Financial and legal advice
  • Providing complete electronic reporting to the customer
  • SPD (FOP) registration in Ukraine
  • FOP re-registration, group and/or KVED types change
  • SPD (FOP) closing
  • Development of all necessary contracts for dealing with customers and much more


If you are interested in accounting or legal outsourcing – write to us in the form below or via Viber / Telegram chat and we will be sure to close all issues related to IT accounting of your company.


For more details about the service, see the video:


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