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Since July 13, the Polish government has expanded the program Poland. Business Harbour for Ukrainians.


Poland. Business Harbour is a program proposed by Poland that aims to collaborate and attract foreign IT professionals/companies. The country itself positions this initiative as a set of tools and services that will help citizens of Eastern countries be more successful through knowledge, modern standards, and close trade contacts with the world. The main idea of the program is to simplify the visa process for those wishing to participate in it and the opportunity to move their families to Poland. The target audience of this project is IT professionals who may work as FOPs with Polish IT companies or as FOPs-freelancers; startups who are interested in launching or expanding their operations in Poland; small, medium, and large enterprises who would like to relocate their business activities.


Poland. Business Harbour for IT 


Business Harbour provides three conditions for IT specialists to participate and three steps for its implementation. Regarding the conditions, such a specialist must provide proof of interest in employment in one of the partner companies (a list of Polish IT companies that participate in this program on a partnership basis) and have at least one year of experience in this field and related education.


On implementation:


  • Step 1 is to get a confirmation letter from one of the Polish partner companies. Under this program, the person is given a list of IT companies that offer employment. In case such a company has confirmed your candidacy for a certain position, you are given a letter (electronic one is enough) as proof of interest in cooperation with you.
  • Step 2 — contact the consular office and complete the visa application (online, or if you have an appointment, you can apply in person at the consulate, visa application center, or send it by mail). Your visa application through the Business Harbour program will be given priority. If you want to move with your family, please inform the consul right away. Next — wait for the approval of the application.
  • Step 3 — fill out a pre-registration form (online) to submit the required documents.
  • Step 4 — submit the documents in person.


Documents for obtaining a national visa under the Poland. Business Harbour program


The list of documents is quite extensive:


  1. Visa application form with an attached photo.
  2. Internal passport or ID card together with an excerpt from the state demographic register or certificate of residence registration.
  3. A passport signed by the client which meets the following requirements: valid for at least 3 months after the date of the last planned departure from the territory of the EU countries; contains at least two blank pages (for visas) and is not older than 10 years.
  4. Original and copy of the health insurance policy for the entire period of your stay.
  5. Invitation of one of the partner firms that have shown an interest in your employment. A list of these firms can be found here.
  6. Document confirming higher technical education (IT), or a document confirming at least one year of experience in the field of information technology. In case of submitting documents together with family members (Spouse, minor children), you should provide:
  7. Document confirming family ties (marriage certificate, birth certificate).
  8. For persons under 18 years old
  • Notarized authorization from parents / legal guardians (required even if traveling together) to open a visa and travel abroad for the child (original and photocopy).
  • Original and photocopy of parents’ foreign or internal passports
  • Birth certificate — original and photocopy.


  • Step 5 — After reviewing the documents you submitted, you get a visa and can travel to Poland.


PBH haikalova

Stages of the Poland. Business Harbour program

The Poland Prize program has selected operators who are experienced accelerators and foundations that support startups. The process of involvement in the program stipulates that you have to apply to one of the proposed operators and go through two stages:


  • “soft landing” and development — supporting the startup from team building to product development. Under stage I, the startup can receive a monetary subsidy of up to 50 000 PLN, intended to cover the costs necessary to implement up to 3 months of activity. If documented cooperation with a business partner has been established, the next stage begins.
  • stage of acceleration — pilot organization of the startup solution, followed by activities aimed at maximizing the results. Under Stage II, a startup can receive a monetary subsidy of no more than 250,000 PLN, intended to cover the costs of acceleration activities necessary for the pilot implementation of the startup solution.


The implementation steps are the same as in the previous case, but first, the operator’s team reviews your application for the possibility of establishing business and investment connections in Poland.

Advantages of Poland. Business Harbour

A professional team of experienced experts has been created for companies participating in the Polish Investment and Trade Agency program, who will ensure an effective process of the business relocation. Specifically:


  • Advising on formal issues related to relocating a company or establishing a branch office;
  • Preparation of market and industry information;
  • Processing of information on investment incentives;
  • Arranging B2B meetings;
  • Administrative contact and communication support.


If you have any questions regarding the process or conditions of obtaining a visa — Finevolution specialists will advise and support your relocation to Poland.

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