Business Harbour, IT, Business in EU, Poland
Business Harbour, IT, Business in EU, Poland


Since June 2021, Poland has simplified the possibility of obtaining an IT visa. And it was predictable because in the last few years the number of IT companies and specialists in Poland has increased several times.


According to Clutch, in 2021, the number of represented IT companies in Poland is more than 3 thousand. And the number of specialists working in this field is more than 250 thousand. And this process can be safely called “IT-boom.” 


This factor is what influenced the expansion of the Poland.Business Harbour program, within the framework of which IT specialists and specialists from related fields may obtain a Polish national visa for one year under a simplified procedure. As of November 2021, the Poland.Business Harbour program is available to citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Moldova, and Georgia. 


Previously, we published an extended article on the benefits of Poland.Business Harbour, which described in detail all the nuances of the program and steps to participate in it. But this material will allow you to learn basic information in 3 minutes and decide whether to participate or not. 


IT visa in Poland. What do I get?


This visa format gives IT specialists the full right to work for any IT company in Poland without obtaining additional permits for employment. Also, they can register themselves as an individual entrepreneur. And this is an important factor both for the development of the IT-sphere in Poland and for IT specialists themselves. After all, not everyone could register individual entrepreneurship in Poland before. 


How did IT specialists live without Poland.Business Harbour? 


Until 2021, to become a sole entrepreneur (without Polish roots), an IT specialist had to live in Poland for 5 years, get a permanent residence permit or a Polish card (if you had Polish ancestors in your family tree), and only after that he/she could register as an individual entrepreneur. 


Of course, this process slowed down the integration of an IT specialist in the Polish IT business environment and considerably reduced the country’s attractiveness for relocatees.

What are the benefits of participation in PBH for IT professionals? 

  • First of all, it is getting a residence permit. An IT specialist, who works in Poland as an individual entrepreneur, can obtain a residence permit under the program for 1 year, with annual renewal. Also, under the program, they can make the right of residence for their children and spouse.
  • Second, the IE in Poland is considered as an official source of income, which gives the entrepreneur access to bank services, bank mortgages, which means


that by participating in the Poland.Business Harbour program, you can settle in Poland and buy your own real estate in the framework of the mortgage. Sounds like a plan!

Documents for Polish IT visa

Initially, it is necessary to prepare a certain list of documents, namely:


  • Application (aka, visa application form);
  • Up-to-date photograph taken not more than 3 months before submitting documents;
  • Internal passport or ID card of a citizen of the country you plan to apply from;
  • Biometric passport valid for at least 3 months after the date of the last planned departure from the territory of Poland;
  • Insurance for the entire period of stay, with minimum coverage of 30 thousand euro;
  • Documents confirming the purpose of the trip – an invitation from a receiving party, a company included in the PBH list of program participants;
  • If you are planning to relocate with your family – you need to provide a marriage certificate, birth certificate for your child.


And the last but decisive documents which are obligatory but optional:


  • Provide proof of interest in employment with one of the partner companies;
  • Have at least 1 year of work experience in IT and provide a reference from the place of work;
  • Documents confirming higher specialized education. If you have a degree in another field but work as a software developer, you definitely need to have proof of your professional competence.



Many companies miss this point, which can lead to wasted time and money on the preparation of registration!


Consult IT visa Poland Haikalova

How do I register as a sole proprietor? 

With the PBH program, it is no problem to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur because the whole process takes place online. To register, you will need: 


  • Individual tax number PESEL;
  • E-signature e-puap;
  • Online application form to open an IE;
  • Bank account;
  • 2-3 days of your time.

Can a professional under 18 get an IT visa to Poland? 

You can get a visa not for PBH but for students, which at the age of 18 gives you the right to register IE in Poland.



You can get official employment in Poland before 18 years of age (but under certain conditions), but registration of IE in Poland before 18 years of age is FORBIDDEN


Suppose you are a student and are planning to study on a Polish residence permit in a technical or near-technical field, and your education is suitable for future work/internship in an IT company. In that case, you have the right to participate in Poland.Business Harbour from the age of 18. Of course, you need to confirm that you are indeed an IT person by providing your student visa and confirmation from the university that you are indeed studying or enrolled. 


And as soon as you turn 18, you’ll have endless possibilities of Polish IT 🙂 


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We hope that this information has helped you to understand the basic requirements for participation in Poland.Business Harbour, and you will become a happy owner of a Polish IT visa in the future. 


If you still have questions, please contact us via the form on the website (opens when you click on the button) or our public Viber/Telegram channel (links to them are given below). Our team will be happy to help you with processing!

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